As I watched each guest arrived at Cynthia Rowley, expressions of excitement gleamed across their faces. The gold spikes blooming from the runway’s entrance sparked excitement in every person in the room. The glass runway looked delicate as we awaited for the start of what was a magnificent show. I looked at the sheet of paper stated, “The optical exuberance of gold. Flash mobs of floral and animated shapes. The thrill of adornment in forced perspectives.”

Before the show started, I envisioned bold floral prints, gold trimmings and a myriad of prints. As I saw the models walk gracefully down the runway, the silhouettes and the fun prints captured the essence of the feminine style that Cynthia Rowley so effortlessly embraces every season. Variations of tuxedo jackets were crisp all white with botanical prints, which are easily matched with red pants for a casual, stylish outfit. Athletic elements in the styles also complimented this collection. The different versions of mesh leather used for the tees and skirts were also something I thought was fun. The variety of materials and methods used for this show were truly inspiring!


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