Mara Hoffman was set for the second day of Fashion Week at the Tents, which was the same at last season.  I remember being extremely inspired by the collection last season, so I was even more excited to walk into the presentation this afternoon.  I would say that Mara Hoffman is the designer at Fashion Week my style most closely identifies with.  Last season maxi dresses and long braids brought perfection to my camera lens and this season I was just as inspired!  NEON PINK SILK SHORTS!  Honestly, I could have skipped the review and just wrote “NEON PINK SILK SHORTS” because that was really all I needed to see to be extremely pleased!  There were printed maxi dresses and jumpsuits.  Shorts that SCREAMED Margharita by Stone Cold Fox, (one of my favorite pieces of this season), woven rope necklaces channeling Proenza Shouler and woven hair buns that reminded me of Thakoon’s FW11 show.  Totally amazing collection…I need it all!


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