If you are reading this, I am assuming you did not go to the sale this morning.  My advice: don’t bother going.  I got AWESOME stuff for AWESOME prices, but you won’t get the same because the sale is totally picked over.  

I dragged myself out of bed at 8:30am to get there at about 10am.  When I arrived, there was about 10 people just standing outside.  No one seemed to know where the line was going to start, but we all stood along the curb by cars to stay in the shade.  My phone was telling me it was 77 degrees, but the ridiculously hot sun was telling me something different.  Within 5 minutes, over 15 people joined the line behind me.  To be honest, I wasn’t super impressed by the line fashion.  Lots of circle glasses, big headphones and of course skinny jeans.  

A woman arrived at like 10:30 to tell the 50+people on line that they had to move against the bulding facing the other way.  This of course caused chaos and line cutting.  A truck driver yelled out the window to ask what everyone was waiting for and someone shouted back “cocaine”!  I was pretty anxious to get inside and by 10:30 the line wrapped around the block.  

I was one of the first people inside and I went straight for the shoes.  The Feast had reported that they had the Tron x Opening Ceremony shoes, AND on Opening Ceremony’s blog they had posted that they had the Acne admire wedges.  I have actually been tracking the Tron shoes since they came out and the admire wedges are a fashion blog favorite, (but there was no way that I would pay $680) for them.  I first found the Tron shoes.  They had a ton of sizes in the black and one blue pair for only $100!  I took the blue ones.  I looked ALL OVER for the Acne shoes, and after spinning around in circles a couple of time, I see a girl on the floor with the BLACK ONES ON.  I wanted to kill her.  Luckily, there was an olive pair and a purple pair, both in my size.  I asked her if she was buying the black ones, even though they didn’t really look like they were fitting, and she said yes.  Well, the olives will just have to do.  

Next, I was on the search for some Pamela Love.  Sadly, the jewelry was no where to be found-okay there was like one necklace and some bow ties and a few ugly Linda Farrow sunnies.  I was pretty upset about the lack of Love.

I did clothes next.  I spotted a woman with the Jeremy Scott Cross dress in her hand and quickly asked her where she got it.  She pointed to the rack.  I grabbed one and went on a mad hunt for Suno.  The prices were amazing, but the stuff was from seasons ago (Suno pants for $60 marked from $500!).  I next looked for Chrisopher Kane and found a long sleeve graphic print tee for only $60 from $300.  The rest of the clothes were already super picked over and there were tons of people inside.  I had to carry around the two shoe boxes so it was pretty difficult to shop.  I looked for Carven too, but only found dresses and blazers which were still priced pretty high.  
When I left at 12:30, the line was even worse than when I had gone in!  There were at least 150 people waiting.


Skip it if you didn’t go already.  Everyone got the good stuff.  There is no way that $60 Christopher Kane shirt is still there.  After doing all of my shopping, I went to go help out my boyfriend.  While there were tons of guys with Acne jeans and even trench coats in their hands, there were none to be found on the racks.  The shoe selection is mostly Opening Ceremony brand with 1 pair of a few old Wang styles.  All of the stuff is from past seasons, it seems like they want to give SS11 a go on sale on the site.  I went last season on the 2nd day and left with nothing.  So save your time this weekend…but check out what I got.  And next time, GO EARLY!


Jeremy Scott Cross Dress $130 rt $780

Acne Admire Wedges $145 rt $680

Tron x Opening Ceremony Platforms $100 rt $395



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