NYC is fucking great. We all know that. I had a fabulous weekend with my boyfriend at home. My mom is fucking awesome and this weekend really reminded me that she is the best friend ever. I loved everything about this weekend-from sleeping in my queen bed to exploring Williamsburg for the first time.

I stopped by my grandparents after my long INOA hair coloring session at Butterfly Studio Salon. I showed them all the SCNDL stuff and they picked up a Buddha bracelet and a SCANdl tee. Cool eh?

There’s my G-ma with her new bracelet.

I took my boyfriend to Williamsburg to explore. We went to Beacon’s Closet, tried to get a tour at Brooklyn Brewery (but failed. Not 21. Don’t have a fake), went to Buffalo Exchange, MiniMarket, Brooklyn Charm and some other cute boutiques. Very interesting neighborhood.

I spotted Pamela Love with her boyfriend on Bedford Avenue and was a little to starstruck. I had on my braided cuff too! I stopped her and told her that I was a big fan and yatta yatta…but she’s a really big inspiration to me. Her stuff is extremely well-made and worth the money.

This is a freaking amazing thing from an electronics store. I want one. But do you sit on it?

My boyfriend & I got tattoos. We went to Eight Swords in Williamsburg. Dave, the artist & owner, did an awesome job (post coming soon!). He owns the spot and it has a very cute outdoor area. I felt very comfortable there. Make sure you make an appointment because he’s booked 2 weeks ahead! He had really cool art all over the place. His buddy photographs tattoos and did a series called “cheap tattoo removal”. Get it?


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