We sent our Fashion Week Correspondent Jose Camacho to the Rad by Rad Hourani show.

The models looked futuristic and of course the clothes and the shoes portrayed a unisex look. The hair was perfectly slicked back giving them a fresh look. Men were seen walking down the runway (in leather heels) with skirts, but were constructed with an edgier vision. Hourani formed them with draped leather, heavy wool, and shiny fabrics- giving them a look from the future. Besides skirts, most of the men wore leggings, just like the women at the show. The womenswear was developed without accentuating their figure. They were much more structured and of larger sizes. Everything was created with geometric patterns, giving them a sculpted look. The placements of the zipper created shape and gave them a final touch that strengthened the dark beauty of the clothes.


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