Q: How long have you been thinking about SCNDL and working on it?

Well, the idea of owning my own brand or boutique popped in my head while I was still interning at Stussy DC & Commonwealth in Adams Morgan. I’ve been thinking about it a lot longer than I’ve actually had a website or real plans, I guess.

Q: What exactly is SCNDL?

It’s a men’s clothing brand, to keep it open-ended. I’m aiming to embody the intrigue and mystique surrounding famous political, personal, and financial scandals of the past half century or so. You can expect every line to have a theme. Really, though, it pays homage to individuals of the past and present who get it how they live.

Q: What was the original direction you wanted to take it in and how has it changed, if at all?

Well, I originally envisioned it as a streetwear brand because that’s what I was/am currently surrounded by, but my tastes have changed a bit to include more casual, higher end clothing, so I want that reflected as well.

Q: When can we expect to see some products come out?

Spring of next year, if all goes according to plan.

Q: Who or what would you consider your influences?

Well, it’s more of a “what” than a “who.” There are people in the industry I look up to, and I feel anyone who takes the risk to start up something completely on their own deserves a degree of respect, but honestly, I want to differentiate myself, so I’m not looking to any brands in the streetwear industry as influences, per se. Now men’s designer labels is another story. Thom Browne, Vince, high fashion brands like Givenchy, etc..those are influences, and what I can learn about cut and materials from them is extensive.

Q: What are some personal goals you have for the brand?

Well, in a nutshell, I want to make a premium product and get rich off it.

Q: What exactly is your target audience?

People with money. Sike nah, people who actually can appreciate the fit and feel of good apparel. People who know somewhat about brands outside the realm of streetwear, but still aim for comfort and durability in what they wear. Most importantly, people who can appreciate small details.

Q: You seem to know a lot beyond streetwear. Tell me a bit about yourself and your own industry experience and experiences as a consumer and how that’ll translate onto apparel.

I’m 21 years old, and I’ve worked mostly jobs that I’ve been bored with, though they’ve paid well. I guess my industry experience includes my interning at Stussy/Cmon and currently working at MAJOR, but I’d honestly go as far to say that my experiences as a customer weigh more heavily on what I’m expecting from my own brand. I know how I want a size small to fit me, that a shirt shouldn’t fade or shrink like crazy after one wash, etc..Buttons shouldn’t pop off jackets you just bought, and shit shouldn’t be unraveling. You have high expectations paying a lot for shirts and jackets and whatnot, and I plan to meet them.

Follow @SCNDL and be on the lookout for new products on


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