Rachel Iwanyszyn

Detroit, MI

21 years old

Hype : 45017

Fans: 3684

Who invited you to Lookbook? Any story behind joining?
A friend of mine on myspace that lives in michigan. She saw my interest in
photography and thought i dressed well so she sent me the invite. I thought
the idea of lookbook was interesting and found it to be inspirational, so i

Do you style yourself? If so, who is your inspiration?
I do style myself. My inspirations include magazines, other lookbook
members, lykke li, and blogs.

Who photographs you?
I photograph myself for the most part. I always set up the shot, sometimes I
have my mom push the button, or my boyfriend, or friends.

Where do you shop?
Mostly urban outfitters and thrift stores. Also at american apparel, forever
21 and pitaya.

How do you spend your paycheck?
On shoes mostly. And on clothes. Sometimes food but the other two come

What are your career aspirations?
To become a photog rapher and work for a magazine, and who knows… perhaps a model someday.


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