I know there is a lot of controversy around the whole “fat girl in a skinny world” problem in the media.  V Magazine has a new issue coming out called the “Size” issue.  It is amazing because these pictures are SO PHOTOSHOPPED!  They are made out to be big, but there curves are still too perfect.  Working at Marie Claire, it is very interesting to see the before and after pictures of models and even celebrities.  I am going to be old fashioned, and say I appreciate skinny models a lot more.  Being a model is a job, and they work to keep it up.  Fashion is about art and living in a fantasy world.  It is bold of V to shoot this, but I do not think this is what fashion is about, only a publicity “stunt” by V.

*Images Via Fashion Copious



  1. Why isn’t this what fashion is about? Not only size 2 women are infatuated with fashion. I’m a plus sized woman and I think it’s about time the fashion world recognizes our beauty, curves, and passion for the industry. =)

  2. Hey Mia! Thanks for reading. Yeah, this is such a tricky subject. Anyone can be infatuated with fashion, I am certainly not a size 2. I feel that editorials in these magazines are to promote the items and explore fantasy. I do not feel the same way when looking at these pictures.

    My point is really that we need to be realistic, unfortunately society is obsessed with the exterior, and this will not be acceptable in society. We need to work towards this, but at the moment this is extreme. Although I wish it were different, it unfortunately is not. It is sad the way our mind is shaped, to be more responsive to slender people as more attractive.

    Once again, thank you Mia!

  3. Yes. I agree. Why is it not ok to shoot plus size models for high fashion. Does that mean only stick thin models can only be art and apart of a designers fantasy world? I am a size 0-1. and yes women my size can look good in most garments but when it comes to fashion it is not only about who looks good in a dress. It depends on the designer and their point of view. If someone wants to use a plus size model to express their view of fashion as art, who is the boss to say it is not. Also yes her curves may very well be photoshopped but let’s be honest. ALL models for the most part when it comes to magazines have to be photoshopped to some extent. No ones picture is ever perfect to the point they do not need any editing.

  4. Hey Natasha! THank you so much for reading and posting a comment.

    My standing is to be realistic. Fashion Magazines are about selling a product. Unfortunately, the “plus size” model does not make me want to buy any of the products. I’m sorry, I do not find this attractive. It is such a shame that this is the way society is. When surveyed, a huge majority of people would agree that the “plus sized” model would not make them want to buy the clothes. I think we can work towards this, but we need to slowly do so, going from a 0 to a 2, 2 to a 4…etc. There is too much of the extreme.

  5. “My point is really that we need to be realistic”.

    Wow, you should have taken your own advice. It really would have been better if you didn’t comment. If you want to be taken seriously in the fashion world, you should learn when it’s best to keep your bigoted opinion to yourself. Karl Lagerfeld can get away with these types of comments. You cannot. Who are you to judge what fashion is or is not about? You’ve got a hell of a long way to go, and a lot to improve on on your lil blog here (which looks more like a 12 year old girl’s tumblr than a legit fashion blog) before you can spout such ignorance and not expect readers to get angry. And no I’m not one of the fatties you so detest, just an equal opportunity fashion lover and editor.

    By the way, you just lost my vote in the G star contest…

  6. i don’t understand how you can say “fashion is about living in a fantasy world” in the same breath that you complain about these women’s curves being ~too perfect~.

    and also, you’re wrong. society will only stay fatphobic as long as we allow it to be fatphobic. i know plenty of women who ARE inspired by these photos, so i think it’s pretty ridiculous that you’re claiming that spreads like these won’t help promote fashion or beauty or aesthics. you’re letting your own prejudices get in the way of what are truly beautiful, enticing photographs of gorgeous bodies.

  7. Michelle, thank you for reading!

    I appreciate you taking the time to reflect on what was said, and comment. I express myself in my blog, if you do not like it, do not read it. I do not however, appreciate you taking the time to tell me what I can/cannot and will/will not do with my career. I really like my blog, and so do my readers.

    Never did I expect my readers not to get angry, I treated everyones response with a respect.

    Thanks again for reading!

  8. I feel that this issue was printed to show that “All Women are Real”. But is this what you REALLY want to be? I am no skinny mini myself, but being overweight, (as the girls in these pictures are), has backlash. Are we embracing that? No, I do not agree with people starving themselves. I am an avid exerciser and I try to be as nutritious as possible. The fact that V is using this to get the vote from readers who think vogue is ridiculous and Cosmo is not fashionable enough is absurd. It started with blackface and now this…V really wants to sell. Lets see how many times V publishes these sized women.

    Plus size is just like calling someone anorexic. Why can’t we settle in the middle? I would love to see a size 6-8 printed. I think this is too extreme for the eye, at this point in time when society is so caught up in the skinny and perfect.

  9. “I wish that I could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles and we’d all eat it and be happy…”

    You and that chick from Mean Girls must be soul mates. You’re both living in a fantasy world.

  10. They could have gave the girls a much better setting. The shoot itself is pretty dull. I happen to like the Crystal Renn shoot.

    If anyone could be a model, where is the value? Models are different than the norm. I respect features where the publisher wants to appeal to the mass audience by putting the average American woman in a rare light. People love what is difficult to attain. Models work hard to keep up their image. The fact that it is difficult to obtain a model’s features makes them way more valuable.

    • I just think you have a lot to learn about the fashion world, and what it means to be a woman in general after reading your comments here. OF COURSE it would be better if we were all perfectly “average/middle” sized. War and famine shouldn’t exist either. But it ‘aint gonna happen! People have genetic predispositions, diseases, attitudes, etc that usually promote them going one way or the other. Some people are “middle ground” but a lot aren’t and discounting those people makes you a bad blogger.

      Do you not realize a huge contributor to pro-anorexia culture is an attitude like yours shunning “plus size” people? If models are supposed to be so super human an unattainable, why aren’t they just replaced with androids?

      If one “plus size” teenage girl sees this feature and feels better about herself, V has made a difference. Gimmick or not, I love it. Hopefully it cancels out some bad attitudes like yours.

  11. I think throwing in size 16 models is a bit extreme, considering the industry deals with a 0 the majority of the time.

    Melissa, thank you for posting those links! This is a really interesting subject that I am having a great time with. I love hearing from readers. I am happy that I posted this, as it is sparking great discussion.

    I have dealt with having an overweight father for as long as I can remember. He constantly has things wrong with his health. Is he supposed to “accept” that? Shall we lay him out in the next V spread? What he needs to do is exercise and eat better and not accept that fat is just 3 little letters.

    “If you do those things, eat right, exercise and your still not thin, your life is not over.” Unfortunately, it could still be. You just need to work a little harder. Time and time again it has been proven that you CAN lose weight if you diet and exercise. If you still aren’t thin, you aren’t doing enough! There is no reason why you should still be fat. My dad walks to the train station everyday and wonders why he isn’t losing weight, yet does nothing more but accept his size. Is that really ok?

    I have no problem with people’s weights. I’m not here to talk about the obesity problem in America. I am speaking on the term model and what that means right now. I would love to see the industry move towards a fuller body, but it definitely will take time to shape everyones minds.

  12. My god you keep contradicting yourself! And after this, I honestly don’t even know what to say:

    “If you do those things, eat right, exercise and your (sic) still not thin, your life is not over.” Unfortunately, it could still be. You just need to work a little harder. Time and time again it has been proven that you CAN lose weight if you diet and exercise. If you still aren’t thin, you aren’t doing enough!”

    Guess the next step is a starvation diet, huh!
    Your ignorance is truly terrifying.

  13. I definetly do have a lot to learn. I am learning everyday and I enjoy it. There is a huge difference between accepting things and doing something about them. We are working towards issues like war and famine, but we are supposed to accept our unhealthy weight? We should work towards doing something about it, just as we are with those other issues.

    I was hardly suggesting the starvation diet, simply that one works harder to achieve their goal. That is, as with anything that doesn’t come to you on a silver platter. You don’t accept it, you work harder.

  14. actually time and time again it’s been proven that you can’t lose weight and keep it off with diet and exercise. check’s awesome obesity paradox series for moar on that front, or “the diet myth” by paul campos if you’re into books. the long and short of it is that people really do come in all shapes and sizes, and a size 16 is seriously honestly and truly not that big. thin is not the default body setting, and it shouldn’t have to be.

    but like you said, you’re not here to talk about people’s health, and tbh you shouldn’t be because 1) fashion has never been about what’s good for people’s bodies and 2) you can’t tell health from a photograph. but girl, you are seriously contradicting yourself, because you can’t possibly “love to see the industry move toward a fuller body” if you’re so violently resisting spreads like these, which are promoting such a movement.

  15. Melissa,

    I have a personal relationship with that “actually time and time again it’s been proven that you can’t lose weight and keep it off with diet and exercise,” because I am close with people who see this and immediately discredit the thought of even trying.

    I would love to see the industry MOVE TOWARD a fuller body, but I think it is too drastic right now. Ok, so my mind is infected with the perfect media, but so are a lot of others. By me coming out and ADMITTING this is important. With our manipulated eye, a lot of people will not find this sexy. I think this is more V’s way of gaining shock readers than it is trying to revolutionize the industry.

    This discussion is shaping my opinion a lot more than any photographs will.

  16. the idea is to eat better and exercise with a mind toward getting healthier, not losing weight. the two are not one and the same. it’s totally possibly to have a great diet and run like a champ and still be a size 16. newsweek did a great spread on this a while ago, too:

    i agree that v’s efforts here aren’t upfront and body positive. obviously it’s a gimmick to draw in readers, and in the next few issues fat bodies will continue to be totally absent. but the solution to that problem isn’t to avoid spreads like this altogether. it’s to encourage the integration of bodies of many sizes on the day to day. only allowing fat bodies in specific issues is just as othering as not including them at all, but it’s a step in the right direction as far as exposure goes.

    i’m glad you’re open to this discussion and i really hope you’ll look into the HAES/size-posi movement. it’s great!

  17. Melissa,

    I am so happy you chose to comment tonight! I appreciate your insight and use of other media sources. Thank you for being respectful-which is the #1 most effective tool when trying to persuade and get ones point across. I hope to hear from you again!

  18. Hello. Honestly I really like reading your blog, even when I do not agree with it. It is interesting to see other peoples views about the same topics as yours. I worked at Harper’s Bazaar and I feel what you are saying is a little weird. These women look beautiful being larger than a size 2. All things in magazines are photo-shopped. I feel you are 100% correct about magazines being about fantasy but that is where our world confuses it. You know just as well as I that women try really hard to live in the glamorous fantasy world. The skinny models are so photo-shopped its crazy, lengthen this arm, tuck it in a little, darken a little, you know the drill. I am a size 1 but it is really nice to see the same thing with normal sized women. I have large women in my family and seeing something like this makes them feel good, and better about themselves, almost giving them hope because the only thing that really does is Lane Bryant but they feel the clothes are like 12 year old clothes. I feel this magazine should be applauded for thinking outside the box and bringing fantasy to be a little more realistic.

  19. Brianna,

    Thank you so much for responding. I am very happy that you enjoy reading the blog. I love creating open discussion, even when opinions are opposed-so thank you for participating.

    I appreciate that your opinion comes from experience working at a Magazine. I definitely think there is a problem with models being TOO skinny. My argument is really just that this is too drastic for right now. A lot of people will not find fat rolls attractive. I do think the model size is too small. But for right now, I think this is too big. I really like the Crystal Renn shoot, I think that is the way to progress to making all body types more acceptable in the media. I just think a lot of people are honestly going to look at this and have a negative reaction. Actually, people have already as I have been reading comments on pages where these photos have been published.

    Thanks again for reading and participating Brianna!

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